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Kitchen Electrical Installations

Kitchen electrics are often over looked when installing a new kitchen.

Kitchens receive more wear and tear than any other room in your house, so when installing a new kitchen it's important to have the kitchen electrics checked to see if they need to be rewired. The electrics in your kitchen were designed for the previous kitchen and may not take any additional load that you may be putting onto it. So its important to take this into consideration when planning that new kitchen installation that you might need to have your kitchen rewired.

You might not need to have your electrics in you kitchen rewiring you may just want to move a few sockects or just add a double socket in the kitchen area, or add sockets for the new appliances.

You may be thinking what does a kitchen rewire cost, or whats the price for a kitchen rewire, click here to find out.

If you have had an electrician tell you that you need to upgrade your earthing or there is no earthing and it needs to be installed before he can install any electrics in your kitchen, click here to see what he is talking about.

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