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Internal Lighting Installations

Ceiling lighting is a very practical and effective way to fill the entire room with ambient light. Although ceiling lighting can be used with other types of lights in the room such as wall lights and floor lights, the purpose of the ceiling light is to comfortably illuminate the room, spreading light evenly throughout the space without the need for additional lighting fixtures.

Ceiling lights are often positioned in the centre of the room to ensure the light is equally distributed. However, other types of ceiling lighting such as surface spotlights can be used to provide a pool of light exactly where it is needed.

There are many different styles of ceiling lights to choose from providing a variety of options to suit a wide range of interior designs:

Recessed lighting is installed within the ceiling void, creating a minimalistic look and feel to the room. Recessed lighting is also popularly referred to as Downlighting.

Suspension, also known as pendant lighting hangs down from the ceiling and can be adjusted to the optimum height for the room. Suspension lights are a popular choice for ceiling lighting in the kitchen where they can be used to create a pool of light in specific areas such as the central island of the kitchen.

Different styles of ceiling lights tend to suit the different rooms of the house. Bathrooms have strict safety requirements to take into consideration and this dictates the style of light fitting that can safely be installed in this particular room.

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